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Whether you own a house or business in Wisconsin, it’s essential to protect your property from unwanted pests that cause significant problems for your health and property all year long. From rats in your garage, or ants marching in your kitchen, or termites eating your furniture to bedbugs in your room, your local pest exterminator at Pest Control Green Bay WI will take care of them with their reliable, fast-acting and long-lasting pest control services.

For many years, we have been raising the standard of quality services in the pest control industry. We focus to always improve our service to provide our customers legendary service, dedicated to quality and making the whole pest management experience convenient, hassle-free, and easy.

Common Pests in Green Bay WI

There are many types of pests that invade homes or offices in the Green Bay WI area. At Pest Control Green Bay, our technicians have full knowledge that helps them to identify the pest problem better as well as the conditions favorable to their survival.

Pest Control Green Bay WI create unique treatment plans to solve each of your unique pest control situation. Our technicians first will do a detailed property inspection to identify all problems than they will recommend a custom plan to solve your pest problem. These following are the common pests, you can found in Green Bay:

Mouse- Mice including house mouse and field mice are a major problem in the Green Bay area. They are quick breeders; mice mature in only 35 days and can produce a litter of 6 in 21 days.

Carpenter Ant- These are the most common ant that infests human’s personal spaces and can do more structural damage than termites in Wisconsin state.

Umbrella Wasp- These insects usually confused with yellow jackets but the major difference is their nesting habits. Paper wasps build an exposed nest in sheltered areas such as behind shutters, under decks, hot tubs, storage sheds, or in outdoor grills.

Services offered by Pest Control Green Bay WI

Whether you need a one-time service or monthly or annual treatment program to protect your property from pests, Pest Control Green Bay will take care of your unique needs. We offer regular inspections, seasonal treatments, follow-up visits, and a one-time service to residential and commercial property owners. As a certified company, you can trust our pest control services for your property.

Pest Control Green Bay WI Residential Service

As a local leading pest control company, Pest Control Green Bay understands the importance to keep you and your family safe from pests. Our dedicated team will protect your homes from pests all year long with custom treatment plans and regular inspections. We offer protective services from a range of common as well exotic species of pests. You can either select a one-time service or an ongoing pests protection as per your convenience. Our all treatments come with our work guarantee.

Pest Control Green Bay WI Commercial Service

Whether you run a bed-and-breakfast, daycare, or manage a restaurant, a pest-free surrounding is very important. In any type of industry, pest infestation in the commercial area could jeopardize safety, ruin reputations, and threaten the health of your employees and visitors. Here at Pest Control Green Bay WI, we offer comprehensive pest management treatment to protect the interior and exterior of your commercial area means total protection.

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